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Why do I need My Family Doctor?

If I’m healthy, why do I need My Family doctor?

Consider this;

  • Have you ever had to visit more than one doctor to figure out what you have?
  • Have you ever had an emergency case and you didn’t know who to call?
  • Have you ever failed to remember important health information or lost important tests?
  • Have you ever tried to contact your doctor for several times and he didn’t answer?
  • Have you ever visited a clinic and the doctor didn’t give you enough time to talk about your symptoms?
  • Have you ever felt ill and you called your friend/relative only because you trust him, not because he’s qualified?
  • Have you ever struggled trying to understand what a loved one is feeling and didn’t know what to do?
  • Have you ever panicked when your child drank dettol or swallowed pills because you didn’t know how to help him?


Finally, what you should be sure of is that My Family Doctor job goes far beyond treating you when you’re not feeling well!

“While each specialist views you as a case, My Family Doctor sees you as an entire human being”

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