Your Family Doctor

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What does my family doctor do?


Infomed offers the exclusive “My Family Doctor” program through our doctors and our 24/7 call center, With “My Family Doctor” you will have a team of highly skilled doctors doing for you the following:

Offers you an annual complimentary visit for a full examination

- Books you a complimentary visit from Alfa labs to collect a sample for the recommended annual checkups
- Gather your old history along with new tests results and create your electronic medical profile, and update it regularly
- Analyzes your case and sets a proper action plan accordingly
- Monitor your health progress
- Helps you in cases of emergency with the best life-saving techniques, and tell you where to go
- Book and confirm your appointments
- Send your medical file any place you’re visiting to make sure you’ll be treated right
- Visit you at home when you need it

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