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    Why is My Family Doctor important?

    My Family Doctor knows you like the back of his hand, answers the phone even at 4 am, guides you in emergency cases, makes sure your body is always healthy, and prevents problems before they occur, will follow up on you from time to time and guide you to the right specialty you need, and will come over to see you when you need him.

    What does My Family Doctor membership offers me?

    Infomed offers the exclusive “My Family Doctor” program through our doctors and our 24/7 call center, With “My Family Doctor” you will have a team of highly skilled doctors doing for you the following:

    • Offers you an annual complimentary visit for a full examination
    • Books you a complimentary visit from Alfa labs to collect a sample for the recommended annual checkups
    • Gather your old history along with new tests results and create your electronic medical profile, and update it regularly
    • Analyzes your case and sets a proper action plan accordingly
    • Monitor your health progress
    • Helps you in cases of emergency with the best life saving techniques, and tell you where to go
    • Book and confirm your appointments
    • Send your medical file any place you’re visiting to make sure you’ll be treated right
    • Visit you at home when you need it

    To know more about our service visit:

    Why should I become a member of InfoMed?

    InfoMed’s membership has a lot of  benefits, the most important benefit is that your health is our priority. Our products MyEHR, CallMed, MedBook and Medcard are crafted well to serve your needs. To know more about our products visit:


    What makes Infomed different from other medical service companies in Egypt?

    InfoMed offers unique and high quality medical services. It is the only company that offers a dedicated managed electronic health record service for each member, the biggest medical interactive directory community in Egypt, in addition to a 24/7 medical call center manned by doctors to guide and help patients.

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    What are the types of tests performed?

    InfoMed membership includes the most essential labs tests that give us indication on the member's overall system's function. These tests include a complete blood, sugar, liver, kidney and urine test. The member has the option to choose either to do these tests individually or benefit from InfoMed’s package offer.  

    What does the medical examination provided by Infomed include?

    InfoMed provide a full physical examination, plus gathering your old medical history and investigations.

    Do you have a mobile application?

    The mobile application is available now, you can download it from apple or android store: Infomed-Me

    Do you have a Facebook page?

    Yes, we have a Facebook page check this link: and don’t forget to like it and become one of our fans to keep updated with InfoMed's useful medical information.

    Do you have online consultation?

    Yes, we have online consultation through our website live chat box:

    What are the steps taken after being a member?

    The below are the steps taken after being a member:

    (1)       Initial check up visit

     (2)      After the initial check up, infoMed team will add your gathered medical data to your electronic health profile

    (3)       You will receive your MedCard within two weeks, after adding your lab results and gathered medical data

    Afterwards, you will be able to access your Electronic Health Record after login through

    Where is the check up tests done?

    The initial check up tests are done in Alfa Labs.

    What is InfoMed Services and what do you do?

    Infomed Services is a health care company that was created to help overcome healthcare problems and strive continuously to improve our country’s healthcare system with the patient as our prime focus.

    To know more about what we do check our products link: or call us at 27748488 anytime we will be so happy to help you.

    Who answers the chat online box on InfoMed’s website?

    InfoMed team of doctors answers the chat online 24hrs.

    How can I login to my account?

    You can login through this URL: with your login information (username, password) provided to you earlier by InfoMed. We recommend using Google Chrome to visit our website.

    What are your working hours?

    InfoMed team of physicians offers a round the clock medical advice 24/7 through our hotline 27748488 to answer any questions you may have.

    How can I contact Infomed?

    Feel free to contact us with service questions or sales inquiries or media inquiries through:

    What are the payment methods for the membership?

    A representative from the sales team visits the customer and makes the contract and collects the value of the membership.

    How can I become a member?

    For membership requests feel free to contact our 24/7 hotline at 27748488 or just leave your name and phone number through this link: and we will contact you directly

    How can I register on InfoMed’s website?

    You can register on Infomed website via this link:

    Who answers the hotline?

    Infomed doctors answer the hotline and offer a round the clock medical advice 24/7 through our hotline 27748488 to answer any questions you may have.

    Who puts together the patient’s medical history?

    A specialized team of Infomed physicians puts together your entire medical history in one place and continually updates it for you.

    How can I schedule a doctor appointment?

    If you are a member, you can book an appointment online with any doctor you choose from our directory or you can also call our 24/7 call center at 27748488.

    What is the difference between InfoMed and insurance companies?

    InfoMed is not an insurance company, but a health care company that was created to help overcome healthcare problems and strive continuously to improve our country’s healthcare system with the patient as our prime focus.

    Do you have a service to send an ambulance to home?

    This service does not exist at the time being, but we’re working to put into action.

    How can you aid me in emergency cases?

    In case of emergency, a doctor from InfoMed gives you advice and redirects you to the nearest doctor or hospital and also informs them with the condition and sends the medical file.

    Do you have home visit service?

    We do not have this service in the time being, but note that in case of being a member; a doctor from Infomed will visit the client to make the necessary initial examinations.

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