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    How is the telephone consultations carried out?

    Telephone consultations are carried out by calling the hotline number 27748488 available for you 24hrs where a doctor from InfoMed responds to all customers’ inquiries and helps them.

    What is the benefit of telephone counseling as long as the doctor does not give a medication?

    First of all patients should be aware that it is illegal to prescribe medication through a telephone call, so to ensure customer safety the duty of Infomed doctor is to guide and give helpful tips that are useful for the treatment phase only; as well as referral to a doctor or hospital if needed.

    What is CallMed?

    CallMed is a virtual emergency room of doctors available to you around the clock.

    • They help you select the specialty of your doctor
    • They aid you in emergency cases
    • They guide you through any medical problem
    • They confirm your appointments
    • They send your EHR to ensure that wherever you are they’re waiting for you
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