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Bmi Calculator

BMI is a measurement of your body shape according to your weight and height

BMI results help to estimate and diagnose underweight and over weight problems

BMI = 25 between 18.5 and 25 = Normal weight
18.5 25 30 40
  • less than 18.5 underweight
  • between 18.5 and 25 normal weight
  • between 25 and 30 over weight
  • between 30 and 40 obese

- Under weight: you need to gain more weight, EAT MORE.

- Normal weight: KEEP IT UP. Your weight is within normal range

- Over weight: you need to lose some weight, EAT LESS AND EXERCISE MORE.

- Obese: START A DIET AND START EXCERCISING. You need to start to lose weight immediately to avoid obesity and its dangerous side effects

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