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Addictive Personality

Have you ever wondered why two people could be doing the exact same activity –such as drinking alcohol- but one of them seems to know when to stop and the other one can’t?

The answer to this might lie in the debate about addictive personality. While an addictive personality is not a medical condition you can be diagnosed with, it is still a real struggle for some people.

Some people believe that some things in life are inherently addictive, such as alcohol. But, like the example above, some people can manage to have a few drinks over the weekend while others feel the need to drink every night. Some people have experimented with drugs and never got hooked, while others couldn’t keep it under control.

This is why you’ll find people addicted to all kinds of activities that don’t usually seem addictive or harmful, such as video games or shopping.

But what can cause an addictive personality?

According to research, there aren’t a specific set of symptoms or causes of addictive personality. Instead, it’s more of a combination of factors that can lead a person to develop an addictive personality.

One of the factors is genetics, which states that being born to parents suffering from addiction could increase your likelihood of developing an addiction yourself. However, this is not enough to cause you to develop an addictive personality. It is usually due to a combination of factors such as your upbringing, the environment surrounding you and even your friends.

Some of the common characteristics you can find in an addictive personality include mood swings, loneliness, stress and impulsivity. Another common trait is the desire to constantly seek out new and exciting things, which is why people might be addicted to driving quickly or participating in reckless or dangerous activities.

If you suspect you’ve got an addictive personality, it might be time to start seeking support and identifying what causes you to cling on to certain activities or substances in an addictive manner. While some types of addiction might seem more harmless than others, such as comparing a shopping addiction to a cocaine addiction, it is still much better for you to address the source of your addictive personality so you can enjoy everything you want in moderation. In some cases, any addiction can start to take over your life if it starts interfering with your daily lifestyle or causes problems with friends and family.

Similarly to any addiction, the first step towards treatment is acknowledging and admitting that you have a problem, and then seeking to resolve it. Seek support from someone you trust and find a medical professional that can help you understand the cause behind your tendency to get addicted to certain things. While this might be challenging, you will emerge from the other side living a more fulfilling life.

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